Banana Safety Cone

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This is the original award winning Banana Cone, invented in 2013 and a fan favorite. In a
perception study, data showed that people noticed the banana 22x more than the traditional
A-Frame signs. Stackable and compliant with OSHA and International Safety Standards.

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  • A good signaling of wet floors and areas at risk in public places is very important
  • The wet floor sign with banana peel shape, communicates by itself the warning message
  • Several times awarded The most Innovative Cleaning Product). (ISSA et Sanitary Maintenance)
  • The pictogram and warning message in English language are « silk screen printed» on the cone.
  • The warning message in the local language of each country is printed on a resistant sticker. 4 stickers per Banana Cone are included in the boxes, to be applied by the customer.

Manufactured in glossy polypropylene, thick 3.5 mm

  • Sturdy base, impact resistant
  • Detachable stem for an easy stackability

Produit Banana Products LLC.

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Weight 1.75 kg

1 Unit, 12 Units


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